Rico’s lessons are precise and easy to understand. On-screen graphics along with worksheets and jam along songs for all lessons are provided via download on
the website to help navigate you through even the most advanced concepts. Many of
Rico’s students have noted how The Passion Theory has helped them advance much
faster than many of the other methods they have tried. This is because Rico’s Passion Theory focuses not only on developing technical skills, like muscle-memory building exercises, but also on theoretical items that cover the foundational elements and patterns that songs and solos are actually made of.

Most guitar DVDs show you how to PLAY the guitar. Theory by itself is great, but it’s
not until theory meets passion that a truly great musician is born. The Passion Theory
gives you both the tools and the direction to find that intersection deep within yourself.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the trailer and hear testimonials from students
to see for yourself what makes The Passion Theory stand apart from the rest.


At the heart of Rico Monaco’s guitar method, The Passion Theory, is a daily regimen
of exercises, scales, chords, arpeggios, songs, solo licks and jams called the Daily
Lesson Plan (DLP). This DLP is the same regimen Rico himself uses every day to
keep his skills sharp, and it is what he uses to teach his students. Of course, every
individual must always explore, research, and create along with their lessons to reach
their full potential as a unique guitarist. But for years, Rico has been developing and
re-designing this method, right up until this very day, so that it can reach and help as
many students as possible. This extraordinary, organized plan gives you the essential
theoretical items that any serious guitarist must know as well as a routine that
will advance your playing further and faster than you can on your own or with most
other DVD lessons. The DLP is the main reason so many of Rico’s students have been
able to advance more quickly and effectively than with other methods or programs.

With this DVD you get more than three hours of content equal to a full YEAR’s worth of one-on-one lessons for the same price as the average cost of a single one-hour guitar lesson.



Disc 1 Beginner DVD

Introduction, How To Practice worksheets
Tuning, Stretching Exercises & Basic Technique
Chromatic Exercises (4 different exercises)
First Position Major & Minor Chords
Major Scale, Minor Scale
1st Position Chord Exercises
Musical Alphabet, Memorizing the Notes on the Neck
2 Frets, 2 Strings Method
Pentatonic Major & Minor Scales
5 Pentatonic Major & Minor Patterns
Barre Chords 5th & 6th String Root
16 Bar, Barre Chord Exercise Using Minor Patterns in Major Keys
The Blues Scales
5 Blues Patterns
12 Bar Blues standard form and shuffle
G Blues Free Form Jam

Disc 2 Intermediate/Advanced DVD

Triplets-Rhythmic figures
3rd Intervals
Arpeggios (Major, Minor, Dominant 7)
Complex Chords and Complex Chords Exercise (maj7, 7, m7, m7b5, 7aug5, 7sus)
Chord Construction (In depth exercise & discussion on chord harmony)
Pentatonic Diagonal Movement
How To Practice Scales
Relative Minor Theory & Applications (and shortcut)
Roman Numeral Systems (Chord Scales-Songwriting)
The 7 Modes-Practicing, Understanding, & Applying the Modes
Bending Strings, Vibrato
Pull-offs,  Hammer Ons


Solo Licks - (5 Groups and 15 licks to build on)
There are 25 downloadable Worksheets that correspond with the DVD
Including a Worksheet Outline: which includes your DLP workout schedule

Jam Along Songs: Many styles & types.  1. Southern/Country Rock   2. 12 Bar Blues in the Key of E   3.  G Blues Free Form Jam  4. Rock-N-Roll I, IV, V-Key of C  5. Rock-N-Roll I, IV, V-Key of A   6. Rock Song Key of Am    7. Latin Song  8. Rock Song Key of C    9. Key of E Blues Jam *The 5 Chord Exercises are jam along song exercises too.

Ricology: Rico Monaco’s wisdom on studying guitar, theory, and music
Musical Foundation, Listen to What You Play, Key Centers, RMACI (Repetition, Memorization, Automation, Creation, Improvisation),  Memorizing Patterns, Practice In Different Keys, Building A Song Repertoire, Tone Tools, The DLP & Beyond, Trust Your Instincts,  Musical Walls



What sets Rico Monaco apart from other guitar teachers is his integration of his experiences both as an instructor for 20 years and a musician for more than 30 years. Guitarists on most instruction DVDs are usually either instructors or performers. Very few have as much experience in both fields as Rico, which is why his method is so effective.

Over the past three decades, Rico has excelled in every major role a career guitarist can expect to experience. He is not only an amazing guitar player and instructor, but also a veteran performer, songwriter/composer, band leader/musical director, and producer. He has led bands, sometimes as large as 17 pieces, on tour around the world to rave reviews in locations such as Paris, New York, Mexico, San Francisco, Miami, Walt Disney World's Epcot Center, Hard Rock Live, and The House Of Blues.

He and his bands have opened up for some of the biggest names in music including: Smashmouth, Tito Puente Jr, Rascal Flats, Blue Oyster Cult, The Monkeys, Tommy Lee, Jerry Cantrell & Alice In Chains, Loverboy, Average White Band, and many others.

“Rico Monaco & his band are serious musicians who won a National Battle Of The Bands in 2002 sponsored by Cabo Wabo & Hard Rock Café. I personally chose them & have had the pleasure of jamming with Rico on many occasions at the Cabo Wabo Cantina. From Van Halen to Santana, Rico Rocks!…” ~ Sammy Hagar

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